Facts and Numbers
Bat Pony
Usually female
Young adult
#3a3b3c / RGB 58, 59, 60
Mane & Tail
#000000 / RGB 0, 0, 0
#500000 / RGB 80, 0, 0 / Cat-like
#500000 / RGB 80, 0, 0 / Bat Wings
The fingers of the wings have the same color as the coat
Usually the wings are open in a relaxed or spread position
Fangs are only visible when mouth is open
Bat ears / Fuzzy tip
Shy around new ponies but can be a brat and quite naughty when she knows you. Qetesh is submissive most of the time but has a playful, dominant side that sometimes comes out.
Cutie Mark

Qetesh got her cutie mark very late, she was almost adult when she found out about her submissive side and learned to enjoy it. Short after making her first experiences she got her cutie mark in a BDSM session with friends, unnoticed at first as she was wrapped in latex when it happened...

The cutie mark on each flank is not mirrored, but facing the same direction on both sides.

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This is a work in progress. There will be more information added over time!